Maquilladora Profesional A Domicilio


Mi nombre es Raquel
Trabajo en A Coruña como maquilladora a Domicilio. Aquí os dejo mis tarifas para aquellas interesadas en un buen maquillaje profesional y a muy buen precio:

Maquillaje de Novia 100€
– 2 Puebas de Maquillaje
– Ampolla Flash
– Pestañas Postizas
– Maquillaje Final

Maquillaje de Novia sin Pruebas 60€
– Cita para elección del maquillaje
– Ampolla Flash
– Pestañas Postizas
– Maquillaje Final

Maquillaje para Fotografía 40€

Maquillaje para Eventos de Día o de Noche 30€

Clases partculares de Automaquillaje
– Servicio 2 Horas 25€
– Servicio 3 Horas 35€

Clases de Automaquillaje para Grupos (Min 3 personas – Max 5 personas)
– Servicio 3 Horas 50€
– Servicio 4 Horas 60€


Servicios que incluye:

  • Diseño exclusivo a elegir por la Mami
  • Maquillaje en la Tripita (La duración dependerá del Diseño)
  • Sesión de Fotos en exteriores o en la comodidad de tu casa (Se entregan 6 Fotos retocadas vía e-mail)

Teléfono de contacto 636039566

About RachelmkpArtist

Hello everyone! My name is Rachel I’m 30 and I’m a makeup artist. I was born in A Coruña (Spain). I have lived in Fuerteventura (Canary Islands) for 7 years and currently I am living in London. Unfortunately I haven’t had the chance to work as a makeup artist in Spain but I’ve always been in jobs related to beauty as beauty shops. Taking the opportunity to sell and also try products from the top brands which allowed me to know them better. I came to try my luck in London to see if someone hires me and meanwhile I’m working on a proper portfolio to have a better presence in job interviews because most of the works I have photographed with my camera have been without lights, with not much idea to be honest … but I’m starting to work with professional photographers and certainly the result is amazing. I’ll tell you what I love of makeup … It’s teaching yourself how to enhance your own beauty. Personally I really like the Beauty shoots but I see on it a very cold and superficial world as well. I have experienced the satisfaction of making up ordinary women like you and me and make them feel goddesses for a day, photographing them as professional models with truly amazing results! That’s what makes me happy, make others happy doing what I do best… I would like to share with you my professional knowledge about makeup, I will give you many tips to put make up on you much easier at home and for the most professionals, if you want to study to become makeup artists also going to be updating small guides with the basic makeup theories. Hope you like it and please leave many comments! Contact me:

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